We bring you: Lower East Side Restaurant 2.0, just a better and updated version...

About Us

We came to  Orlando 20 years ago, we has served, so far, more than 1,085,000 meals (so many customers can't be wrong), here in the Magic City. We dedicate ourselves to the Kosher Traveler and his/hers needs: like Shul, Glatt Kosher food and accommodations (hotels and villas), for groups, families, individuals and conventions. Parallel to the Dine-in at the restaurant, we have developed a service for the growing demand of the Specialty Food, serving most of the fine Hotels and Five Star Restaurants, all under "one hat", wearing the "other hat", we had done as much as we could for the Keiruv work, all this thanks to the help of the Almighty God. Our next generation, Dina and Itzchack Matityahu, have tuned up our business. Dina is a Certified Chef from the CKCA  and also a graduate of Brooklyn College as a nutritionist. She designed the new upscale menu, which includes the Nutritional Facts Evaluation of the meals presented here. Itzchack currently studies in the Yeshiva-Bais Midrash of Waterbury, and also currently graduating  in Business Administration at Post University, Connecticut and gives us his business input and the tech support. Because of them and the chefs at the restaurants and hotels (yes, we are listening... ), and you!! honorable individuals, that gave us your input, we have for you: The Lower East Side Restaurant 2.0 a Better and Updated Version! Bon appetite. Enjoy your meal...

Contact Us

Email: les.orders@gmail.com

Hours of Operation

Sun - Thurs: 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm (High Season: Sun - Thurs: 12 Noon - 11:00 pm) Fri: 12 Noon - 4:00 pm (for Shabbat orders & pickups) Shabbat & Chagim: Call to verify if Program is on. For Shul hours, Click Here >>


Office: 407-465-0565 Emergency Cell (1): 407-694-0012 Emergency Cell (2): 407-230-8721 Fax: 407-238-6427


8550 Palm Parkway Lake Buena Vista Orlando, FL 32836 Click for Map >>

Kashrus Supervisor

ORV Mehadrin, Kashrus Supervisor: Rabbi Menish Spitz (786-318-4118) Rabbi Rav Hamachshir: Rabbi Dovid Yachnes (407) 538-1254